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 Post subject: I made rice pudding today!!
PostPosted: 11 Aug 2015, 20:14 
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Forgive the title, but I am just blank minded at the moment. And I have an obsession with rice. It's just so yummy; especially rice buns!

I remembered hearing of a legend where the moon was shunned by all the other planets, their moons and the sun; was unpopular in a sense, considered a 'wannabe' and a copy-cat copying the sun, since it too could shine. It then went to the next least popular planet for comfort; that being Earth since it housed 'weakling' humans. Whatever the tale was, it inspired a good bit of this entry.

"Er hm!" Ms Kirst exclaimed in front of me. "What do you call this?" She was pointing at my open copy-book, the page where I was supposed to write about a recent funeral the class attended.
I tilted my head. "My report like you asked. Three pages, all legible."
"Well done smarty-pants." She tossed it onto the desk. "But, this will not do."
"What won't do?" I wanted to leave. The day was over and it was getting dark already. Clouds were gathering and it looked like rain. I didn't care much for those things though; I just wanted to get out of here. I avoided her gaze by looking at the board where her scrawl dominated. Reflected were the last few stragglers; looking for answers to questions or killing time before after-school clubs.
"I will stand for many things mister. However," she drew in a mighty breath. "there is a difference between working and talking out of your arse."
"I see. Can I go?" I could hear Nimie's sick laugh from behind me. She was probably enjoying this.
Ms Kirst narrowed her eyes. "Yes. But this has to be rewritten. Properly this time. Poor Mr Kross. He'd have a heart attack from this garbage." The reports were being sent to the relative of the deceased, a propertier of the school. They were meant to comfort him somehow, and thus I wrote mine to avoid this situation exactly. Even as they like it isn't good enough for Ms Kirst is seems.
"He's thirty-four. I'm sure he'd be able to handle compliments about the service and the like."
"Oh yes, genuine ones that is. You have your work. Do it or don't it's your choice."
This was new. "My choice? As in you don't care?" I was pushing it, I could tell by her glare.
"Of course I care! But, it's up to you if you want him wondering why you didn't send one."
She was baiting me. "Like he cares. If my brother died, I think I'd care more about living than reading crappy reports on the damn service."
"Why don't you write that down? I'm sure he'd appreciate your opinion." Her eyes bore into me. "Now then, unless you want to stay and help Nimie with her little club, I suggest you take your leave."
I left. I didn't bother to say bye.

I couldn't make sense of it. Ms Kirst had a reputation for hating me. She would always question my work, comment on my mannerisms, even go so far as to criticise my sense of style outside of the school uniform. So it was no surprise that she hated my poisonously polite report and made me redo it. But to tell me it's my choice. Maybe she's trying to trick me, make it so I don't turn one in. Then there would be a blank spot on my name when the reports were sent out to Mr Kross and thus; I'd be in a new world of trouble. Theoretically.
I hadn't noticed that the rain had started. Even from the last few minutes I was soaked. I picked up the pace a bit but it wasn't too far anyway. A minute later I was inside, taking off my shoes and disposing my coat on a hook to dry. As always, I froze where I stood, soaking up the silence. It was always silent at this part of town, even in the lashing rain. School was noisy, outside was rarely quiet. Only in the dark did things calm down. Moving forward to my room, I threw my bag somewhere and flopped down onto my bed.

Sometime later I woke. Feeling for my clock, I snapped the time-reader. "Twelve-thirty". The robotic voice sounded disapproving of my nap. Shaking the sleep off, I stumbled here and there through the house, doing the necessary things. A while later I came to rest at the window. It was pitch-black outside and I could hear the wind and rain. School tomorrow, or today as it were, was going to be fun. No doubt I'll get scolded for being soaked from walking.

Sitting at the table and slowly making my way through a bowl of rice, I realized that they would find quite a lot about me distastful. Not that they didn't already but they had fixated in their minds a certain way of living for all. People who deviated from this method of life were considered scum in their eyes. Them being the likes of Ms Kirst, Nimie and more recently, Tori.

Tori. Even thinking her name burned me on the inside. Or maybe it was just the rice. No, definitely Tori. She'd been such a good friend to me; my only friend in reality. Sure there are a group or two of people who don't run away screaming from me but I trusted Tori. Maybe if people in general are so against you, everyone turns eventually.
That said, I'm not that mean a guy. Nimie was a problem from day one of school. I was one of the lucky ones she didn't like so of course her fan-club would hate me. But I wasn't the only one; several others got lumped in as being 'unpopular' and 'uncool'. Ms Kirst always had it in for me. But again I'm not the only one. She practically expelled one girl for no good reason. Each day after another it was a suspension and the same girl got sent home. Like me, she kept her head down; not that it did any good. Apart from those two, nothing really stood out. So it was a strange one, albeit a bit annoying that I was labelled as 'undesirable' in every respect.

After food I decided to sit down and do some work. Maths was a drag but not all that harmful to my head. It used to be fine before it got difficult. German was easy. Other languages always came easily to me. I used to get mocked (on top of everything else) about how good I was at German but that stopped once people started have real trouble with the subject. If I wasn't so unliked, they'd probably beg me to help. I sat back for sometime in the lamp-light and thought about some books. I really wanted to buy the new 'Black Cat' manga and nearly got up to go before I remembered it was the middle of the night. It still seemed like a good idea so I penned it into my schedule for tomorrow. Not that I didn't have enough to be doing already.

Then came the report. Tossing the pen from hand to hand, I considered my options. I could take her word as literal and simply rewrite what I had already written. That's what the robot kid, Demi-V, used to do all the time. It drove her nuts. That aside I could not do it. But that might hurt in the long run. Then another thought hit me. Digging under some papers I pulled out some sheets and spread them out. Written on them was my orignal report; my true thoughts on the funeral. Biting my lip I read through it, admiring my handy-work. It was sure to be the sort of thing to make her suspend me. Thinking about it, the reports were being sent to Mr Kross today so I'd have to add mine quickly. She wouldn't get a chance to see it.

I mulled it over. Worst case scenario: I'd get expelled. I could live with that. Getting some free paper, I began to write my old words. With a few corrections. Maybe Mr Kross won't be as moody as his name implies and actually see some reason behind it. He's not the only one to lose someone. Surely highlighting exactly what was going on would be much more of an appreciative act than simply dancing around the issue. What could I have done? I'd be lying if I said I wanted to say something else but I didn't want this to backfire in the long run. Things were crappy enough as they were. I didn't need more grief.

"Can one Aleski Lund please come to the office of the principal ta? Preferably with the permission of his teacher ta. That is all." Static lingered on the loudspeaker for a moment. "That is to say: stop staring at the talking box and get back to work!"
I got up from my seat and walked up to Ms Kirst's desk, silently requesting the hall pass. She glared at me while handing me the tablet, probably angry that she wasn't the one who made me go to the principal. No doubt she'll add to whatever trouble I was in, out of spite.

The walk was as fun as it could be. I strolled down the corridor, getting my tablet checked by suspicious teachers. Waving my hand in front of the sensor, the the door slid open. A row of plastic seats beckoned me in the waiting room. I sat and looked around. The room had an almost clinical look to it. White walls, shiny, slender tiles on the floor and a wan light coming from the entirety of the ceiling. I was never in the room before. The principal used to come to me before he retired. Not much is known about the new one but from what I'd heard he wasn't not much of a people person. Lately he had been upgrading the schools technology and had been quite thorough about it. New doors, new equipment and these cleaning bots that rolled around the place picking up rubbish and screaming 'Cleaning!'. Well, I supposed that it was my chance to meet him finally.

"So Master Lund, you made it."
The principal seemed to love to state the obvious. Thinking on that, so did I.
"I suppose it was inevitable." I wasn't paying much attention to him. This office was different from any building I've been in. It was completely bare and very spacious. It only served function and nothing else. That was evident from the lack of paper. Maybe he didn't believe in bureaucracy.
"Then you must know why you are here." He was looking at me but I refused to make eye contact. "The reason is quite disturbing."
"Being distasteful appears to be a talent of mine."
He laughed at that. "You mean that teacher of yours? She's just bitter and old fashioned. Looking for someone to punish for her own fetish delight."
I was startled from that last comment. One would rarely say such things at all, but they would be definitely inappropriate for an institute like this. I looked at him properly for the first time. He looked ordinary to say the least; like one of the repair guys for the robots, clean-shaven face, mossy brown hair, light blue eyes and a very slight tan to his skin. Not the sort of person you would expect to spout such insults. Combined with his light blue shirt and a lack of a tie, you'd have expected him to be quite respectful.
"So what did I do?" As great as it was to hear someone else is hateful of Ms Kirst, it had a bad vibe.
"A few weeks ago, you had to submit a report about a funeral. You did so correct?"
He smiled and sat down on the other side of the desk. "Don't get me wrong Aleski, can I call you 'Aleski'?"
"Can I call you 'Jim'?"
"'Jim' isn't my name Aleski. You may call me 'Mr Manc'." He smoothed down his shirt. "As I was saying; I do not intend to belittle you or anything but your file indicates that you are notorious for not doing assigned work."
"Indicates being a very questionable word," I pointed out, "given it's Ms Kirst who does most of the indicating."
"So one could say." he agreed. "Even still, the report itself is questionable. I do not see the merit of the assignment but it appears everyone else's attempts to comfort Mr Kross but yours almost stings it's reader."
"I had my three pages of comfort ready and waiting. She demanded I rewrite it so I did."
"'she' being Ms Kirst no doubt." It wasn't a question. He thought for a moment. "Going along with your thinking, she also seemed to fail to check and read you new report and allowed such a poisonous piece to go to a greif-stricken man. He demanded to meet with you you know." He paused for another minute. "Perhaps I should call Ms Kirst here too? See what she has to say for herself, hm?"
He was asking my advice. "Personally I can't stand the voice of the intercom."
"Indeed. Who gave such a man a job with such a quirk? Does he have to say 'ta' every second sentence?"
He was still stating the obvious. "Can I have my report back?"
"No, Mr Kross still has the original. However, you can have a soft copy." He tapped away at his computer. "To be honest, I don't know if this town is going backwards or sideways. It's got the best and largest power source technology centre in the country but then on the flip-side it still uses paper and ink more than digital prowess." He glanced at me. "I'm rambling Aleski; rambling like a fool about the future. You may go but bear in mind that Mr Kross may not let this go."
I got up. "He wouldn't be the first Mr Manc." I waved the door open.
"Oh and Aleski? Please inform Ms Kirst that I await her arrival. Do so with a smile as well, will you?"
When the door shut slid, the principal still had his own smile.

I snapped the time reader. "One am." The voice sounded a bit happier. I'd been doing my homework and got lost in an old article I found. It was about Mr Manc and his obsession with technology. No doubt the slow changes at the school will speed up over the holidays. Nimie almost looked sad to be losing her plaything. She'd have to do without trying to bully me for the break. Like our dear teacher. Rumour had it that Ms Kirst will not be returning after the break. Her meeting with Mr Manc must have been fun.

Thinking on that; I remembered the copy of my report he gave me. I didn't want to leave Mr Kross in the lurch, but he has nothing to with me. I pondered on it for a time. Shaking my head, I found my computer. Opening it, I was greeted with a question mark. Smiling, I whispered the password to it; "Sincere tumble-dryer". A smile was returned before displaying all the options. A little envelope twinkled in the corner. Tapping on it, my report appeared.

'Report of Aleski Lund.'
I scrolled down it aimlessly. Why would I want to reread something like this? The principal was right: it did sting the reader. I stopped scrolling at a paragraph that was highlighted.
'The priest spoke, "sincere peace and ultimate redemption in the face on he who serves us as we serve him. And he served us, in our endeavours to prevail in this era of turmoil. May he greet his saviour with his head held high as he greeted us when he returned from his struggle". To kill a man is sin, to kill hundreds is sacrifice, to kill thousands is horrific and to kill millions is religion. Though he was a good man he killed people. How convenient it's forgotten at his last hour. He is served with love from above while he serves him by doing more servitude for others. It's hoped he finds peace in his slumber but why should he not find peace in life? "it is not our way to be at one with ourselves on this Earth.", as a priest once said.'

I don't know which of the two men highlighted this but it's meaning was clear to me. Shaking my head once more I looked around, wondering what to do. I wouldn't be able to sleep on this. Maybe I should have been gentler with my words. But I didn't accept what was told to me when I was in the same position and it shouldn't happen to anyone else. It's not right for people to play with us like that. Tapping away, I reached out to Mr Kross. At the very least, I could explain myself to him.

Can you see the way that things could be, or do you only notice the way that they are?

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 Post subject: Re: I made rice pudding today!!
PostPosted: 27 Sep 2015, 14:31 
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What an odd school. Or an odd world, as such. I'm assuming this takes place at some point in the future as a sci-fi? I'll probably have to re-read it again to understand the little references here and there. Aleski seems like a really interesting character, along with the world you've built around him as well.

It took me a little while to bed into this tale, but having read it, I really want to read more of it. It's odd, the whole fiasco about a funeral and the report that the boy had to write in order to comfort a relative of the deceased - it's just strange. But I do like it. :D

Thanks for submitting your FF entry. It's probably a good idea to change the title though. :P Maybe to... "A Letter of Consequence", or something like that. :)

- You must believe in yourself before you can achieve anything.
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