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 Post subject: My Mad Queen Of The Night.... And Her Cat
PostPosted: 14 Aug 2015, 14:47 

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Essentially this is the cleaned up and shortened version of my Vampire The Masquerade character Juno St.Clair, credit for the skeleton goes to the ST who ran it for me, making it into a novel with permission from ST and party, after she was made into a vampire things get very gory and unnecessarily graphic due to the nature of her derangements (she's Malkavian) and the abuses of her sire (plus her family but as I said, cleaned up version) hope whoever reads this enjoys it. If White Wolf's lawyers happen to be reading this: I see no Malkavians here *looks around shiftily*, it all goes into more detail later and bits are explained that aren't in this version but here's my entry. Apologies for any formatting errors, this was copy-pasted from Gdocs, (here's a link to the gdocs: ... sp=sharing but that in itself was converted from a word document on my kindle)

Sunlight filtered through the curtains and lit Juno St.Clair’s face with a warm golden glow, she growled and waved a hand at it, wishing it would just go away and let her sleep. It didn’t of course, it just kept insistently prodding at her subconscious until she eventually gave in and woke up. Her bedroom was spacious and well lit but painted black, posters from the latest Tears Of Midnight concert were plastered all over the walls and her bed was a four poster with black silk sheets, despite her recent rebellion against them her parents still considered her their little princess. Stretching with a groan she sat up and wandered over to her wardrobe, one of her cats rubbed against her leg and purred, she rolled her eyes and crouched down to scoop it up, it was Ghost of all things.

Ever since she turned thirteen Juno had been gradually adopting the stray cats of the neighbourhood, it had all started when she’d run away from home at twelve years old and found herself huddling under a sheet of cardboard in a desperate attempt to keep warm, praying that nobody would try to rob her or worse, clutched to her chest was what little remained of her money, she didn’t want to think about what she’d had to do for that money, two men had approached her sleeping place with drunken leers on their faces and bulges in their jeans, making all sorts of disgusting comments about what they’d like to do to her. She’d been crying and shrinking into the corner when a white blur had suddenly launched itself into one of their faces, he’d screamed and thrashed, falling into some bins and whimpering, the blur had switched targets, tearing into the second man until he joined his friend in fleeing, Juno’s childlike mind had assumed it was an angel until it trotted slowly up to her and she’d realised it was just a plain white cat, she’d named him Ghost and things had only gotten worse from there.

Dressed in her usual corset and jeans Juno eased her hairbrush out from under one of the cats she hadn’t named yet and forced her waist length hair into some semblance of style, she brushed conditioner into it almost daily but it still refused to behave. Shaking her head she wandered downstairs in search of food, her parents would be at work already but she didn’t want to meet her girlfriend hungry, things never went well if she did.

There was a cafe nearby Juno’s family estate, it was high-priced but she had a credit card and her parents never seemed to care enough to question the bill. Maria was there already, the mischievous blonde in a hoodie and jeans, smiling and drinking what looked to be ice-water but could have been laced with almost anything.

“someone looks like they let their cats sleep with them again” she smiled “the make-up hides it well though”

“So I have thirty cats” Juno sat opposite her “what the hell are you going to do about it?”

Maria shrugged “not a lot, just call a fucking therapist because you probably need one”

“Do I?” Juno feigned surprise “I wasn’t aware that seeing ghosts was something I should talk to a doctor about”

Juno had been seeing strange things for years, shadows that just didn’t quite look right, shimmers in the air, places she had to focus to look at properly, that kind of thing.

“Only if they tell you to burn things and hurt people” Maria shrugged “collecting cats however is usually seen as evidence of something much deeper”

Juno rolled her eyes “Maria, you worry too much. I just don’t like to see them left out in the cold”

“And you don’t worry enough”

Juno giggled “why don’t you come back to mine? my parents aren’t home”

“Because I know why you’re offering” Maria leaned over and kissed Juno’s cheek whilst no-one was looking “you think that you can manage me by keeping me distracted”

“you mean I can’t?” Juno rubbed her leg against Maria’s “it’s always worked so far”

Maria suppressed her usual purr and firmly pushed Juno’s leg back “No, you can’t” she glanced around “listen, Juno….” she seemed oddly scared “I need you to meet me somewhere new tomorrow”

Juno raised an eyebrow “you don’t usually plan that far ahead Maria, normally we just meet up and….” she traced her finger up Maria’s arm “go party”

Normally Maria would have taken the hint and they would go somewhere quieter, normally Juno didn’t have to beg for it, normally.

“I…. I need to have a clear head” Maria protested uncertainly, something alarmingly close to fear in her eyes, “listen, Juno, it’s really important that you meet me tomorrow”

“Why would I want to do that?” Juno stuck her tongue out teasingly; Maria slapped her.

“Just meet me at that masonic lodge tomorrow” she growled, standing up and practically running off down the street, she was gone before Juno even got to her feet.

Most normal teenagers would have been worried that their parents would ask why they had a huge bruise on their face, Juno’s parents didn’t even notice she was home.

“Well?” Juno turned to Ghost, she’d been explaining her situation to him and she actually felt like he owed her an answer,

“Meow” Ghost said, she almost sensed the shrug in his voice,

“Well you’re a whole lot of help” Juno muttered “Maybe I should ask Ginger? She usually has something to say”

“Meow” Ghost sulked, he didn’t like Ginger,

“Well then give me some bloody answers” Juno picked him up with one hand and bumped her nose against his “if you don’t want me asking someone else”

Ghost stayed silent, glaring at her with a sullen expression,

“Yes I get it, you don’t like me picking you up that way” Juno rolled her eyes, dropping him onto her bed in a space presently unoccupied by any of the other cats “You big sulk” she turned and stroked another cat, this one jet black, that had perched on top of her wardrobe. She didn’t recognize him but she was sure it was a tom, new cats sometimes appeared so she didn’t think much of the newcomer beyond admiring his bright blue eyes. She made a mental note to put out another bowl later and slipped out into the hallway, pacing up and down the relatively cat-free area and mulling over the events of that morning. The blue eyed tom joined her after a minute, pacing alongside her.

“Meow” he said after a minute

“Quite” Juno agreed, stopping for a moment to pick him up and check him over for fleas, he was much too clean and well-mannered to be a wild cat who wandered in but he didn’t have a collar nor a mark that demonstrated where one had been. Odd. “I do hope nobody is going to show up in here looking for you” she said quietly “because I don’t need the headache”

“Meow” the tom purred, rubbing against her chest

“Hey” Juno pulled him away “not even Ghost gets away with that”

“Mreow” the tom sounded annoyed so Juno set him back on the floor and kept pacing.

“Well if you can tell me what I should do about this mess you can sleep on the bed tonight” Juno shook her head, hoping that the cat was smart enough to understand her but not smart enough to realize that she let her cats sleep on her bed most nights.

“Mreow” the tom jerked his head at the stairs, dancing off and standing at the top, staring back at her,

"Kitty, if you want to go outside use the window" Juno sighed "I can't let you run around the house or my parents will get mad at me again and neither of us wants that"

"Mreow!!" The tom reiterated, more insistently,

"Oh fine" Juno snapped, walking to the stairs, the cat bounded off ahead of her then turned again

"Mreow" it repeated, flicking its tail agitatedly,

"This is hardly the time for games kitty" Juno sighed, following the tom all the same, "I'm too worried as it is"

Despite herself she followed the cat outside, barely remembering to pull on her boots and lock the door, he trotted off down the street, pausing every few steps to check she was still following, and around the corner into the abandoned subway system. She hesitated at the top of the stairs and considered going back but dismissed the notion, clearly this cat wanted her to follow for some purpose. She'd never forgive herself if she didn't find out what.

The tunnels were dark and predictably damp, the only light source being the stainless steel lighter she carried and the flickering flame it produced. She should go back, a part of her recognized, she should go back and at least get a torch; that Tom wouldn't let her though, those eyes as it waited for her to catch up were hypnotic, it wouldn't let her leave even if she wanted to.

Her lighter guttered and died as she walked, leaving her to stumble around in darkness, her ears felt sharper but her eyes were useless. The cat seemed to guide her through, meowing until she started to walk closer and then hurrying off in another direction; she should have gone back for a torch.

A distant glow accompanied by a soft crooning came into view ahead of her, a dim corner of her mind registered that she might be in some danger but she ignored it. The cat disappeared towards the glow and, step by step, Juno followed.

The crooning was an old woman; sat in a rocking chair by the tracks, a young girl sucking on a wound in her finger, the disparity between the scene and the surroundings was disturbing but she found herself unable to look away. It was all too bizarre for her to make any sense of it.

"That's it" she muttered "the cats were one thing but this is just too much. Somebody call me a cab, I'm going to the crazy house" she turned and started to walk away; she'd clearly just started hallucinating more vividly now, she didn't need this kind of hassle.

"Where are you going dear?" The old woman's voice was clear and sharp, not something Juno would expect from a wizened old hag, "you can't leave yet"

'Piss off' was what she wanted to say, "why not?" Was what she actually said,

"You're not going to leave without knowing the truth is about all of this are you?" A second voice, experienced and confident, "not after you've come this far"

Juno's legs stiffened and, without her consent, turned to face the two.

"That's better" the girl said in the same experienced voice, a young girl had no business speaking like that, "come closer to us"

Again without her consent her legs obeyed the command, kneeling before the old woman in the rocking chair; her mind screamed at her body to disobey, to run and not look back, but she couldn't seem to make her muscles obey her desperate commands. The tom from earlier was sat in the old woman's lap, purring as a bony finger scratched his ear. The sound of dripping liquid that Juno found herself desperately hoping was just water reached her ears and she grimaced, watching the pair quietly.

"She's a bright one" the girl muttered "you have good taste"

"Of course. I've been watching her for ten years" the old woman laughed, a second cat arrived behind her followed by another and another, "if she weren't worthy of the embrace she wouldn't be here"

Embrace? Something about the woman's tone told her that was something important, something that demanded her attention.

"How about it girl? Eternal life suit you?" It was phrased as a question but Juno knew instinctively that it was rhetorical "or would you prefer to wither and die like so many others?"

She tried to speak, to tell herself out loud that she was just hallucinating, but the words just wouldn't come. This was insane but she couldn't turn away, why couldn't she turn away? The girl disappeared behind her but she couldn't force herself to turn and see exactly where.

"You're not. Real" she forced the words from her mouth "none of this. Is real"

"And why wouldn't I be 'real' exactly?"

Juno felt her ability to speak normally return "you're just another ghost, just because you're more visible than the others doesn't make you any different"

"You speak to ghosts often?" The child's voice in her ear, soft and deadly, "or feel their touch?"

Small fingers stroked her neck, she shuddered and tried to run from the impossible girl and the old woman but her legs refused to obey,

"Piss off, you're too confident to be what you look like, you're not really a little girl"

"I am and I'm not" her fingers twirled through Juno's hair "my body is as real as yours, it's just much older. What would you say if I told you we were vampires?"

Juno considered it for a moment "assuming you're real and not just a by-product of my madness... it's a plausible explanation. Once you get past the fools notion that vampires can't exist"

"A fools notion she calls it" the old woman laughed "well, she's at least not one of those blind idiots that so populate the kine"

"To discard something as impossible simply because it falls outside of your experience is both conceited and idiotic. There's a girl here who by all rights shouldn't be able to say anything more complicated than 'hey look, a kitty!!' And yet she shows an eloquence and maturity I wouldn't expect from most adults. That lies completely outside what I would expect from a human, either I've completely misjudged the capabilities of small children or she's something outside the normal"

"See!!" The old woman crowed "I told you she was worthy of the embrace"

"She's certainly got potential.... given her acceptance of odd situations"

"I'll make the necessary calls in a minute, go ahead and embrace her in the meantime"

"Give me your wrist" The old woman ordered, Juno obeyed automatically, "there's a good girl" she sank her teeth into Juno's pale flesh, causing a sudden explosion of ecstasy that made her gasp as her heart fluttered and her body trembled.

Her last thought as the light died in her eyes was of watching the sun rise with Maria in the new year; the warmth of her flesh and the taste of the wine they'd drunk, the submissive way she'd poured Juno's drink. She'd probably never see either Maria or the sunrise again; she died with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes.

And because He loved Her. And knew what She needed, to be. She cast out Hope to Die. On a cold and lonely sea.

 Post subject: Re: My Mad Queen Of The Night.... And Her Cat
PostPosted: 27 Sep 2015, 14:06 
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Wow. I wasn't quite expecting that ending!

Here I was just reading thinking, "Oh hey, cats. That's great." Then it was just WTF vampires. XD Ha!

But all the same, it was a very enjoyable read. :) I got a little lost at the end there, not really knowing if it was the old woman or the little girl whispering to Juno, but I think on a re-read I'd be able to pick it up much easier.

So is Juno dead, or a vampire? Interesting. Thanks for your FF entry!

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